Please help us honor our classmates by sharing some memories in the tribute sections below.  You can also add a memorial yourself if it is missing. 

The forms are not complete. We do not have many obituaries and we are missing dates for a number of people. Anything you can share in memory of someone is much appreciated.

Thank you. 
In memory of....
Jeff Angel
Christina Apostolou
Pam  Bahe
Lynn Bassett
James Bosak
Robert Broberg
Greg Chrysler
Mark Coe
Kris Dale
Greg Day
Ronald DePew
Wanda DeWitt
Jeff Dickey
Bruce Elverud
David Groska
Glenn Hatton
Donald  Hukriede
John Keegan
Laurie  Lindquist
Tim Luby
Diane Lunde
Rick Lundgren
Deb Martin
Dianne Martti
Ricky Middlestadt
Dana Nelson
Joan Nelson
Richard Nelson
Kevin Nichols
Brad Nitzkorski
Kevin Notvedt
Brad Nygaard
Deb Olson
Denise Olson
Lynn Olson
Tim O'Roarke
William Pantlin
Peggy Peterson
Walter Quick
David Reinert
Bob Schiferli
Pam Skare
Cindy Staples
Mike Stoner
Ruth Utecht Simon
Ruth Utecht
Dan Wannebo
Kevin Washam
Steve Weeks
Christopher Winter

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